On this site you can join the Mangueirense Nation that is helping to build Mangueira Carnival 2020 and maintain its social projects.


The samba schools are going through a very difficult time when it comes to public and private investments to build their parades. The economic crisis, the scarcity of sponsorship and the neglect of the rulers are factors that directly cause this scenario.


That is why Mangueira created this campaign for our Nation to participate, uniting for our dear samba school. Let’s show that we are the biggest among all Samba School fans. Let’s show our love and that we are proud to be Mangueirenses. Proud to be 10, NOTE 10!


You can donate from $ 10.00


Our goal is to make the samba school self-sustainable in building Carnival 2020 and maintaining its social projects.


If you are in Brazil and would like to contribute in Reais click here

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Pride of our Social Projects


You are also helping to maintain all our social projects. There are more than 10,000 benefited children and adolescents who need the support of the Mangueirense Nation. Of your support. Thank you!



Thank you for helping us towards the bi-championship!


Carnival is yours and our passion. The entire Mangueirense Nation has only one goal: to make a parade. NOTE 10. You will also be helping in the 2020 parade.


Let’s win the bi-championship



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Mangueirense NOTA 10